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    AMRI Mukundapur:

    Amri Hospital, Mukundapur is situated barely 300metres away from the Eastern Metropolitan By-pass. The building looks super modern and huge. Its immediate care provided by the hospital is outstanding. Modern medicine has found its another name and that is recognized as Amri Mukundapur. 

    If you are looking for tertiary healthcare, then AMRI Mukundapur is the best branch for that. This hospital has exceptional practices that only very few hospitals have. 

    Amri Mukundapur provides the best clinical operations that have changed the lives of most of the patients. The unit has the best list of doctors and sufficient hospital departments. 

    There are cost-affordable services that can be available for both the needy patients as well as the ones who can not provide a huge amount of money all at once, they can submit the money slowly. 

    Not only people of Kolkata visit this facility rather people from North-Eastern India also are common in this facility.

    In January 2018, Amri Mukundapur entered the elite group of hospitals with top-notch Emergency rooms that are always available when a patient is in an emergency situation.

    The hospital has the most effective emergency department. Their Immediate care is provided to the people in need.  This hospital is known to have the best hospital authority which takes care of all the necessities and wants of the patients and patient parties. 

    Amri Mukundapur’s dedication is major when it comes to advanced technology in terms of healthcare.

    The Best Features of Amri Mukundapur


    • It facilitates advanced Paediatric ICU and high-tech equipment which would make the patients recover soon.


    • The new life in children comes when a good pediatric surgeon treats the patients in a full-fledged way.   Parents of these kids get really happy with the treatments as well as the results. 


    • They keep a special focus on the well-being of all the children. This hospital has launched a number of clinics for the treatment of pediatric, which address issues like Growth, Obesity, Nephrotic syndrome, Nephro Urology as well as Speech and Hearing. ENT hospital in Kolkata has only one location that is Amri Mukundapur. 


    • Amri Mukundapur, also achieved heights in healthcare and the first center apart from the UK which conducted the examination of diploma In childcare and child health. The hospital also uses certain technology in order to reduce or decrease its carbon footprint. The campus of this hospital is also hygienic and a lot of fresh air is available. 


    • Amri Mukundapur will extend his services to accommodate thousands of more patients. The quality of services is always commendable in Amri Mukundapur. The services will soon extend to an additional building which will be next to the building which is existing itself. Quality healthcare and top facilities are symbols of excellence. AMRI Mukundapur is also looking for certain accreditations from the NABL and from the ISO.

    Best services of AMRI Mukundapur 


    • The attractive packages provided for the patients are admirable. 
    • Special accommodation and care for international patients. 
    • Hospital departments consist of the best list of doctors.
    • Serving better day by day so that patients never remain untreated.