These courses give the students the amenities to care for the elderly or injured in their homes or in residential care centers.

After gaining hands-on experience through work employment, the students are ready to step into a job. It is required for Aged Care workers as it is sky-rocketing as the Global population ages, the employment opportunities are plenty.

The students can study when it is suitable for them. They can work at their own pace. Depending on the subject, the students could also be perfected in as little as 3 months.

Course Fees: INR 15,000 Course Duration: 3 Months

Old Age Care Giving: What is it about?

This course deals with the health conditions of people suffering due to:

  1. The students will study the aging of the brain, the central nervous system of the patients.
  2. They will examine health conditions such as decreased sensitivity to pain.
  3. The candidates will learn about dysfunction and insomnia.
  4. They will learn about the heart, lungs and circulatory system and health conditions such as angina, and cardiovascular disease.
  5. They will also discover experiences and methods for helping the client’s physical and mental health.
  6. Additionally, they will learn about the deterioration of the human body due to accidents, aging, and illness.
  7. They will learn different skin conditions and their treatment on bones, joints, muscles, and illnesses to provide the comfort and movement of the patients.
  8. They will learn methods for advancing patients to improve their quality of life. Along with these, they learn the several processes of body functions degeneration with age;  like symptoms, health implications, and proper treatments.
  9. Finally, they will examine the process of dying- the physical ages of death. Along with this, they’ll learn the empathy on grieve; common emotional responses by people associated with the person dying.
  10. They will also learn the approaches and techniques of assisting people close to the dying person.

If you are interested in caregiving as a future career, or if you are a health professional seeking to improve your skills, then this will be a clear and simple course.

Here you can learn effective caregiving skills on treating people suffering from various mental and physical health conditions. With this course, the students will learn these vital skills in 3 months.

Old Age Care Giving: Career Prospects

Working with older people can be a pleasant and meaningful employment path. As the population grows and turns aged, there are various prospects that can commence employment.

Old Age Care Giving: Syllabus and Course Description

A month-wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is tabulated here.

1st Month2nd Month3rd Month
(a ) Introduction/aim/scope of the course
(b) Introduction to disability: Disease, impairment,
Disability, handicap and changing concepts
(c) Types of Disability :
– Visual Impairment,
– Hearing & Speech Impairment
– Locomotor Disability
– Mental Retardation
– Multiple Disability
– Mental Illness
– Autism
– Cerebral palsy
(d) Prevention, Causation, psychosocial Impact
of disability on the individual/family/community.
(e) Statutory provisions in the field of disability,
concessions benefits under various schemes of
Govt. of India for persons with disabilities.
• Fundamentals of functional Abilities-
• Functional Assessment
Nutrition :
• Importance of a Balanced diet
• Myths about diet
Anatomy, Physiology and Human Development
To Provide basic knowledge about the structure and
the function of different parts of the body so as to develop
an understanding of the functioning of the human body.
Organization of the body
Different systems – Basics on Musculoskeletal,
Nervous, Cardiovascular,
Respiratory, Digestive, Urinary, Reproductive –
Sensory organ (structure, function & physiology),
Endocrine organs.
Typical and Atypical Development
(Cognitive, Language, and Socioemotional
Care Giving & promotion of Independence skills:
• Provision of good home care
• Universal precautions
• Maintaining personal hygiene
• Environmental hygiene
• Bed making
• Prevention of bedsores
• Bed bath(sponge bath), mouth care
• Taking & Recording of temperature, pulse,
respiration, blood pressure, etc.
• Simple sterilization methods and prevention of
• Positioning & transferring skills
• Nutrition and feeding including preparation of
simple therapeutic diet
• Nasal feeding skills
• Cleanliness
• Regular bowel movement and urination
• Assisting in exercise, rest and sleep
• Health education
• First Aid –
• How to control bleeding from a wound,
cuts, scrapes, etc.
• Use of Aids & appliances
• Effects of sensory alterations, including stress for
patients and staff, sensory overload and
deprivation, sleep and rest disturbances in the
critical care unit. This section will also cover the
dying process and death.
– Immobility in severely disabled/critically ill
persons including pain management, would
healing and altered body image
Enabling Caregivers-
• Counseling-individual/group/family
• Networking skills
• Early signs of caregivers’ distress
• Coping with stress & need for Support of the
• Developing a positive attitude
• Leadership
• Importance of interpersonal relationship
• Importance of understanding the difficulties and
needs of disabled persons
Health & Personal Hygiene
Fundamentals of Health :
• Definition of Health (Physical & Mental) and
• Personal hygiene.
• Oral diseases & Dental hygiene
• Differences between infectious and noninfectious diseases
Handling Emergencies:
• Recognizing & responding to Emergencies
• How to administer medicines, appropriately and on
• Care during fever, loss of consciousness, choking,
drowning, when breathing stops, breathlessness
• Giving first aid for burns, poisoning, snake bites
Documentation & Accounts Maintenance

Old Age Care Giving: Who Should Opt?

Effective Communication Skills 88%
Empathy 70%
Patience 88%
Positivity 88%
Keen Observation Skills 70%

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    Certificate Course in Old Age Care Giving: Student Queries

    Most support or personal care workers learn the skills required to work as a carer through experience and training. In fact, more than half of aged and disabled carers have a Certificate III, IV or Diploma qualification.

    To become an Aged Care Worker you are generally required to complete a qualification in individual support or undertake a trainee ship.

    Final tips

    • Do your research on the facility and the elderly care services they offer.
    • Prepare a couple of questions to ask the interviewer.
    • Refresh your mind on your CV.
    • Shake the hand of the person/people conducting your interview.
    • Keep regular eye contact throughout your interview.

    Aged Care is hard, is a reward gaining course at the same time. And in saying that, it can also be sad at times, considering that most of your clients are at the end of there life, or approaching that stage of death, but in time u will get better at dealing with death and grieving families.

    Aged Care Worker may expect to perform:

    Provide friendly, compassionate support to the elderly by helping with daily living, care and hygiene. Typical duties include showering, dressing and eating. Arrange and supervise activities designed to reinforce physical, social and emotional well being.

    Important Caregiver Skills to Keep Seniors Happy in Their Home

    • . Effective Communication Skills
    • . Empathy
    • . Patience
    • . Positiveness 
    • . Keen observation skills
    • . Body language skills
    • . Conclusion

    Salary Scope:

    The average salary for an Elder Care Assistant is ₹ 13,282 per month in India.
     The payrolls are based on 39 salaries submitted. These are collected from funding, advertisements, and strategizing of the PR relations. 

    Top Recruiting Areas & Top Job Profiles

    Student Can Get Jobs Or Make Their Career in (Recruiting Areas)

    • Clinics
    • Home Care Facilities
    • Hospitals
    • Residentials Establishments
    • Assisted Living Facilities
    • Old Age Home

    Top Companies Offering Jobs