Medical Laboratory

Certificate Course in Medical Laboratory Assistant is a 3-month certification course.

This course involves the restriction, diagnosis, and treatment of sickness through the clinical laboratory tests. The course helps students in studying how to detect, diagnose, and treat diseases.

In this course, students also determine the sampling, testing, reporting, and documentation of the clinical inquiries.

Course Fees:

INR 15,000

Course Duration:

3 Months


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    Medical Laboratory Assistance: What is it about?

    Certificate Course in Medical Laboratory Assistant mainly involves:

    1.The treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of diseases with the help of clinical laboratory tests.

    2.In this course, candidates learn the skills needed to handle advanced equipment to perform accurate laboratory tests.

    3.This course provides guidance about methods in automated, semi-conducted, and blood count cells.

    Medical Laboratory Assistance: Admission Process

    Certificate Course In  Medical laboratory Assistant Candidates can fill the application form in both online and offline mode. For filling online, candidates need to go to the website and fill the requirements.

    Medical Laboratory Assistance: Syllabus and Course Description

    1st Month2nd Month 3rd Month 

    Basic Haematology

    • Composition of blood and its functions
    • Origin, Development, and morphology of Blood cells
    • Basic concepts of Anaemia, Leukaemia, and hemorrhagic disorder

    Blood banking & Immune Haematology

    • Methods of estimation of Haemoglobin
    • Methods of determination of PCV
    • Blood Group- methods of grouping and ungrouping
    • Blood transfusion and hazards
    • Microbiology 
    • Laboratory diagnosis
    • Bio-safety measures
    • Examination of stool
    • Quality control
    Human Anatomy 

    Clinical Pathology (body fluids) and Parasitological 

    • Reception of Patients
    • The Microscope- Types, Parts, Cleaning, and Care
    • Examination of Urine
    • Examination of Body Fluids


    Antigens and Antibodies

    Types of Antigens

    PhysiologyPathology Environmental Science and Health 




    • Definition of Antigen and Antibody
    • Clinical Enzymology
    • Disorders of Carbohydrates
    • Nutritional Disorders
    • Liver function test
    Sociology Assessments & Certifications

    Certificate Course in Medical Laboratory Assistant: Student Queries

    Medical Laboratory Assistant add scientific and medical laboratory settings preparing experiments, processing specimens, maintaining lab equipment, and cleaning up after experiments.

    According to the Bureau of Laboratory Statistics, the opportunity for employment in healthcare support positions is good, and many medical lab assistance positions don’t require regular education beyond a high school diploma. The career, however, is not without on-the-job risks.

    Medical Laboratory Assistant are key members in a laboratory setting. In hospital and medical clinics, laboratory attendances collect and investigate specimens used to diagnose and treat medical conditions and diseases.

    A variety of skills are needed to perform well as a Medical laboratory assistant. Typically, you will need the power to research and concentrate to detail also as organizational skills, dexterity and good eyesight. Most employers expect you to know measurements and basic mathematical calculations.

    There are no formal entry requirements for medical laboratory assistants,although minimum qulication require for this course is 10+2 or equivalent for any board.

    Certificate course  in Medical Laboratory Assistant takes only 3month. 

    Some common medical laboratory assistant tasks also include planting microbiology specimens, performing routine and specialized tests, preparing and staining slides for analysis, performing phlebotomy, recording testing information, cleaning and restocking the lab facility, keeping inventory, and ordering lab supplies

    The top recruting area of medical laboratary assistant are:



    Path labs 

    Medicine Manufacturer

    Chemical Labs 

    Medical Laboratory Assistance: Who Should Opt? (ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA)

    •  > Candidates who are interested in Medical Laboratory Technology and its related fields are suitable for this course.
    • > Candidates who have knowledge of laboratory instruments, the ability to use computers and mechanical ability are suitable for this course.
    • > Candidates who can complete their tasks with accuracy, conduct research, and who can handle stress can also do this course.

    Candidates who have completed 10+2 or an equivalent examination from a recognized board are eligible to take admission in Certification Course in Medical Laboratory Assistance.


    Candidates who have 65% of marks in 10+2 or an equivalent examination are also eligible.

    Skills Required
    Independence 83%
    Meticulous attention to detail 83%
    Excellent written and oral communication skills 70%
    Good teamworking skills 70%
    Analytical skills 70%

    Medical Laboratory Assistant: Career Prospects

    A career in Medical Laboratory Assistant gives an opportunity to have a significant impact on patient care. They can find jobs in research facilities, crime laboratories, universities, pharmaceutical companies, and the military. These professionals can find themselves employed in private hospitals, private laboratories, blood donor centers, clinics and doctor’s office, and minor emergency centers.

    These professionals may work in other major roles such as:

    • Safety officer
    • Specimen coordinator
    • Health care administrator
    • Hospital coordinator
    • Laboratory manager
    • System analyst
    • Educational consultant

    These medical laboratory assistants may also conduct research supervised by medical researchers. They will assist to prepare specimens, set up testing equipment, keep the lab clean, maintain tools and operate automated sample analyzing machines. The professionals are also responsible for conducting complex tasks, training, testing under stipulated conditions, and maintaining report accuracy.

    Top Companies Offering Jobs

    Top Recruiting Areas & Top Job Profiles


    Medical lab technician

    Medical lab in-Charge

    Drug safety associate 

    Medical technologist

    Medical officer

    Salary Scope

    Average Starting Salary: INR 2 lacs per annum – INR 10 Lacs Per annum.
    The average salary for a Laboratory Assistant in India is ₹207669. 

    The salaries depend on experience and diagnostic skills.  

    The employees’ technician gets a salary of INR 25,000 to 30,000, while the pathologists get INR 40,000 to 60,000.